Antsirabe, Madagascar

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Antsirabe, Madagascar

This heavily French influenced place is a bustling city where the attitude is classic highland Madagascar. Being the largest city in the north the visitors love the colonial feel. The cosy market alone is something to visit multiple times to view the large range of fine restaurants, national parks, and recreational areas. The amazing weather that Antsirabe has led Norwegian missionaries to build a health retreat in the late 1800s. Located in a rural desert this urban oasis in a  is an almost perfect where the fresh air, cool climate (nights can be freezing) and therapeutic springs.  Antsirabe became a chic spa getaway for wealthy colonists when the French came, wanting to escape Antananarivo’s hustle. The numerous artisan workshops create quality handicrafts details show in their work even if it is the smallest metal bicycle it’s brilliant.

London Night Boat Ride


The best way to see London at night is to see it on a boat ride. There is no better way to get the fantastic view of the masive 11,000 ton London bridge than underneath it.

Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul, Turkey

This large metropolitan city has a population of more than 15 million people. Similar to many other European countries/cities it is very hot humid in the months of July and August, but makes for great long evenings. The best time to travel would be September and October where the weather is not as hot, but very pleasant.
A must see attraction for many travelers is Tokapi Palace this is the home to many sultans and wives.
The palace has amazing views of the Sea of Marmara and great for taking photos.

Caracas, Venezuela


Caracas, Venezuela

Known as Venezuelan’s Capital founded in 1567 near the Caribbean coast. This city has a huge arrange of cultural influences from indigenous peoples to Spanish settlers and many other European Settlers. With only so few indigenous left the influence of their culture show’s through traditional foods and arts. As for dance Salsa remains as most popular and has even become competition in many of the top night clubs in Caracas. With so many influences from other cultures the cuisine has Spanish, Italian, and French influences. For more traditional foods street vendors that serves arepas are the best to try. Arepas are deep fried empanadas with numerous meats and cheeses.

imerovigli, Greece


Imerovigli, Greece

It is almost blinding to look at the buildings in direct sun-lite in Imerovigli. However the white washed buildings are none other than a spectacle to look at. This is a hot spot for any Hollywood director to film their next movie in. In 1956 a volcano eruption destroyed the largest part of the town, but since then it has been restored. Located only 1.5 miles away from the Capital of Fira Imerovigli provides one of the best balconies to look out beyond from. This town is known to be a legendary romantic getaway.

Moscow, Russia


Moscow, Russia

There are many things to learn when visiting Moscow. One of the more important things to learn is to dress to impress. There are night clubs out there that will deny people entrance just because of how someone looks, so no slouching. Another thing to learn about is hospitality in Russia either travelers are treated very well or very poorly. For example the 2014 Olympics many of the hotels were made in a rush and provided little to no hospitality to any of the Olympians, besides their own. There are many interesting things to see in Moscow such as the Kremlin, honey festivals, high heeled road races, and air-guitar competitions.

San Jose, Costa Rica



San Jose , Costa Rica

When traveling to Costa Rica be aware that everything is according to Tico time which normally 15-20 minutes later than set time. Otherwise San Jose is the Capital of Costa Rica for more than 250 years. One of the best ways to see the culture of San Jose is taking tour through the National Museum which is house in an amazing Spanish styled building. Melico Slazar Theater is another historic sight to see and has many uses over the years due to it being rebuilt from fires and earthquakes. After seeing one of their many ballets/operas take a stroll in the central market where everything is up for haggling. Everything from fine luxury items to Costa Rican comfort foods are available for purchase. The food can’t get any better than Marketplace everything made fresh that day and no one is afraid to season their food.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


Punta Cana, Dominican Repbulic

Punta Cana has transformed itself in to a tourist destination for Caribbean vacationing. Everything is relaxed and Punta Cana has many resorts that are all inclusive which makes for a perfect getaway. The town is almost isolated from the rest of the Dominican Republic. This however makes it more enjoyable for the tourists because it is almost being on a small island. With the amenities and fun activities such as driving buggies on the beaches, Ziplining, Snorkeling or taking a safari ride in the tropical lands.