Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Located along the Zambezi River, Victoria falls otherwise known as Mosi Oa-Tunya. Which means “The Smoke That Thunders” has a 100m vertical drop that stretches over a mile which is the same width of the Zambezi river. This creates the world’s largest curtain of falling water.

Antsirabe, Madagascar

Madagascar+4 Antsirabe

Antsirabe, Madagascar

This heavily French influenced place is a bustling city where the attitude is classic highland Madagascar. Being the largest city in the north the visitors love the colonial feel. The cosy market alone is something to visit multiple times to view the large range of fine restaurants, national parks, and recreational areas. The amazing weather that Antsirabe has led Norwegian missionaries to build a health retreat in the late 1800s. Located in a rural desert this urban oasis in a  is an almost perfect where the fresh air, cool climate (nights can be freezing) and therapeutic springs.  Antsirabe became a chic spa getaway for wealthy colonists when the French came, wanting to escape Antananarivo’s hustle. The numerous artisan workshops create quality handicrafts details show in their work even if it is the smallest metal bicycle it’s brilliant.

Luxor, Egypt


Luxor, Egypt

This one time ancient Egyptian capital is considered to be the greatest open air museums, but seeing is believing. No photography can describe the beauty of ancient Thebes. The Nile flowing between the modern town and the west-bank necropolis,  show’s a Scattered landscape of riches. Ranging from the temples of Karnak and Luxor. Since end of the 18th century Western travellers were drawn to Thebes’ wealth and power. Today’s traveller may be  surrounded by coachloads of tourists, but with strategyt it is possible to avoid the crowds and get the most from the magic of the Theban landscape and heritage.

Pretoria, Gauteng , South Africa


Pretoria, Gauteng

With all the purple blossom-becked trees people call this city Jacaranda city. It is known in history that this is where gold was discovered. Even though this is a relatively quiet street it is also very busy, with many of the locals talking and driving very fast. Surprisingly Pretoria works as 3 capitals.

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt


Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

With sunshine and warm waters all year round, Sharm El Sheikh is the closest destination to Europe where you can soak up sun, dive amazing corals reefs, and enjoy the sea any time you need a break from routine.  The climate is lovely and dry all year long with temperatures ranging between 20° and 25° C in the winter months, whereas in summer the temperatures go up a little reaching highs of 30 to 35° C.  Sharm El Sheikh boasts the widest array of fun, exciting and even crazy water and extreme sports: besides diving, snorkeling, sailing, wind and kite-surfing, you can even try sky diving or parachuting from a helicopter on your next holiday in Sharm El Sheikh. Moreover, from Sharm El Sheikh, you can easily book trips and safaris into the nearby Sinai desert and discover the amazing St Catherine Monastery, or the majestic Sinai Mountains. You can also head to Sharm for a wellness and pampering holiday; the town is home to Egypt’s most famous and professional Spas in Egypt.

Toamasina, Madagascar

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Tomasina, Madagascar

Tomasina was developed as a resort during colonial times. These days, the town is a popular holiday destination among the more affluent Malagasy. Every Sunday, come rain or shine, the town’s fashionable youth gather on the seafront to promenade, flirt and ride around in high-wheeled pousses-pousses.  Toamasina is a vibrant and important town, a centre of commerce for the east and one of the country’s major ports. It’s also a convenient spot to break the journey between Antanana­rivo and Île Sainte Marie, or to organize a trip down the Canal des Pangalanes.